client heartbeat

User Driven Growth

Our philosophy behind building software is simple. Focus only on what the user wants and needs and nothing more.

The Story

Though officially founded in 2012 by Gordon Tan, the idea behind Client Heartbeat has been in use internally at Gordon's own managed support provider (MSP) since 2009. As an MSP owner, Gordon needed a way to consistently monitor his customer's satisfaction, without having to manually send out surveys and organise the results. It was out of this need, and the lack of existing tools that Client Heartbeat was born.

Since 2009 Client Heartbeat has evolved into a tool built specifically for customer satisfaction monitoring, by a team who cares about beautiful and usable software.

Meet The Team

  • Staff-gordon
    Gordon Tan - Founder

    Having programmed since the age of 12 and having grown two multi-million dollar small businesses himself, Gordon now has the vision of combining beautifully simple software with business intelligence to simplify the lives of small business owners.

  • Staff-harpreet
    Harpreet Singh - Founder & CEO

    Harpreet is passionate about designing beautiful customer experiences. Prior to joining Client Heartbeat, Harpreet worked as a strategy consultant at Doblin, part of Monitor Deloitte, after completing his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. Harpreet now aims to help customers measure satisfaction in an elegant yet actionable way.

  • Staff-ross
    Ross Beard - Marketing Manager

    Ross Beard focuses on using his online and offline marketing experience to generate scalable customer acquisition strategies. He has a big passion for search, social and content marketing.

  • Staff-saxon
    Saxon Fletcher - Lead Designer

    Saxon is an experienced product designer, spending the last few years helping Australian startups build beautiful products. Saxon previously co-founded an agile web development company.

  • Staff-david
    David Lumley - Lead Engineer

    David's a software engineer with extensive experience in high availability and high traffic web applications that handle millions of users. He's also passionate about usable interfaces and open source.